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Maime ‘Mim’ Meow

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Maime Meow is a new vampire Vtuber who mostly streams video games currently (with a preference for puzzle, horror, RPG, and strategy).

Fun facts: -Maime is an Aries (birthday is March 24th) -Blood type in life was O+ -Is currently stuck in chibi doll form -Despite not needing to, she will eat food for fun of the taste

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After many years of being a total recluse, Maime decided to put herself out there and went to a goth club one night.

She felt too awkward and left the club early in to the night. As she left, Maime heard something in the alleyway. There seemed to be banging and rustling within a garbage bin.

Maime opened it up to free whatever was inside and out popped a strange cat. The cat gazed upon her and bit her as her reward. Maime returned home feeling very sick...

Assuming she had rabies she rushed to an urgent care the next morning. However she left before her appointment because the sun beaming through the windows drove her mad.

After several days of sleep, like a metamorphosis, she became a vampire.


Maime was slacking and generally being a bad vampire. She invited her witch friends over for some Mario Party or Marion Cart (waiting for the Jacob comic, idk where we landed).

Maime was being a bad winner and gloating too much, when 1 of the witches became fed up and decided to curse her! Maime became a cursed doll of herself and is now forced to keep feeding to use

her blood magic to keep a stable form. At lowest power she is a paper doll, then once she gets some blood she can be a normal ball jointed doll, and then at max power she can turn in to her

bat form or her true form.

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