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Noxina is a female celestial shapeshifter virtual Streamer who streams a variety of games on Twitch but also releases TikToks and YouTube shorts. Most of the time they are seen playing FPS but they have a deep love for horror games with Silent Hill being their favorite franchise. Their streams are designed for mature viewers since they can be described as lewdsome at times. Noxina tries her best to create a very open and welcoming community and loves to meet new people, no matter if content creators or not.

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Created from the darkest spots of the fabric of the universe with a purpose currently unknown. Her imprisoners whom she recently escaped from called her the "destroyer of the universe" or "world devourer". They see the celestial as a threat which is why they kept her captive for eons. Due to all the torture during her imprisonment, she does not remember anything about her past or her abilities.

After a mysterious light visited her in her cell and helped her activate her powers, she landed in Neo-Tokyo through a series of portals through time and space. Only through the light, she realized that she was capable of magic and able to shift her appearance. Her current known form is inspired by a neon poster of a new animated action movie that she saw after she fell into this universe. One she laid her fingers on the poster she transformed into a goth catgirl with alternative fashion influences. A stranger saw her nearly getting into a fight with a bouncer and helped her escape. Since then she has been wondering the streets, trying to figure out who she is, and sharing this journey with the people she has met in this weird but fascinating place. With her appearance being similar to an animated character that rose to popularity, she started sharing her passions online with other people in the hopes to find a way to remember who she is. For now she only remembers her name: Noxina.

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