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RiiKami, also known as Kami, is an independent English Virtual Streamer who mainly produces Music and ASMR. He is also a variety streamer on Twitch.

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"RiiKami” was originally a boy born from the slums, lacking much in knowledge and power in his younger years, making his memory inherently bad. Though he is nowhere near lucky himself, he is surrounded by an aura that brings luxury and luck. This aura managed to bring his family out of the slums, but also caused him to be tortured, berated, and beaten by the royals. With the death of his original parents, Kami became enraged. Royalty became the only thing to introduce him to the world he was in, a cruel, desolate world. This god’s story isn’t a happy one. His fate follows the worst of paths, he could have everything and lose it all in an instant. He is alone, destined to live an unhappy ending. This was his “Never Happy Ever After”.

Kami is what is called an "unknown god" and is commonly referred to by the followers he calls his "obsessions" as a yandere king.

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