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Nile Wanimiko

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Nile Wanimiko is an indie female EN Vtuber with a motherly yet openly casual persona, mostly streaming video games of various kinds, with the most common being FFXIV. She's considered to be a crocodile/dragon of sorts, or a "leviathan" of super ancient origins, and an ex-goddess.

She currently is only able to speak English, but has intent on learning Japanese at some point.

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( Documented 31st of October, 2020 AD, by [REDACTED], lead paleontologist and Egyptologist of W.R.A.P.P. )

Deep within a super-ancient, undiscovered pyramid and temple, easily older than the Pyramid of Khufu, lay a deep underground river and vast sea. Waters from the Nile and all over the world flow from this river, and eventually flow back, filtered, purified, and cleansed by ancient species long forgotten. The waters themselves are a glittering gold colour, though the clarity is astonishing; you can see right to the bottom! Along the outer edges of the river mouths, grasslands and minour swamps can be seen, housing both ancient cattle species and all manner of Archosauria, ranging from modern Nile crocodiles, to Deinosuchus, and even crocodilian Dinosaurs sush as Suchomimus, Baryonyx, and Spinosaurus!

However, this oceanic sea itself housed the greatest find, an ancient deity which has slumbered for eons within, once worshipped by a soceity that predates most of ancient Egypt. The temple, buried and forgotten by sands and time, acted as a gateway between the rivers and this ancient sea, which housed the "goddess" within. While this goddess no longer has a name, she has been scientifically dubbed "Niloticus Prodigious", as it is believed she is the origin of the Nile Crocodile species.

The temple itself seems to share traits with the temples of Sobek and Hathor, with both images of the ancient Sun Disk and crown of Sobek adorning many of its walls. It seems to predate any known Egyptian structure, which implies this creature's deified nature may be the origins of both Sobek and Hathor. The many archosauria in this ancient sea subsist on the ancient cow-like species, which may explain the combined connection. While the archosaurs hunt and prey on the cattle, there exists some sort of natural balance and harmony, as only specific species of the former will prey on the oldest of the latter. We think this is a cycle of death, life, and rebirth.

We notice, on the cattle side, elder cattle will leave the heards when they sense death is near, and wade out into the waters were the Archosaurs tend to gather for hunting. Strange as it is, there seems to be a knowing sense of "It is my time" among them, as they don't fight against being taken... truly remarkable.

It appears as though Niloticus Prodigious is an ancient species of animal completely unique and seemingly biologically immortal, as samples taken suggest she is well over three hundred million years old, implying she could be the origins of modern and ancient Archosauria alike! Nicknamed "Nile", this ancient animal is much different from known archosauria, most notably in her sheer size, her longer and prehenshile neck, and the almost dragon-like horns she possesses. While she herself does not actively hunt the cow species located here -- In fact she even seems to nurture their growth -- other archosauria seem to "give offerings" of shares of their own meals to her, which she does eat upon offering. These offerings are presented once a month, and usually by the largest of Archosaurs, an act usually only present in infant crocodilians. Perhaps she is their mother-goddess as well?

Most remarkably, this creature seems to have a ridiculous level of intelligence, rivaling that of humanity's own. She is capable of extremely complex albeit animalistic communication, and even understands human writing and speech! So far, she has learned English very well, and has taken an interest in Japanese. Ironically, she has a very hard time with Egyptian hieroglypics. We accidentally exposed her to various kaiju films, and she has taken extreme interest in those... She seems to be able to emulate Gojira's roar almost flawlessly, along with many sounds produced by the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series.

Since her discovery, she seems to have taken interest in humans and our culture, and has since been tended to by the one who found her, only for her to disappear suddenly. Eventually, she was found to be living in a human setting, in a modern home in [REDACTED]. Yet, as different as it is, she seems content now, living life as a... semi-ordinary human, indulging in human culture and pleasures. For this, she is now referred to as Niloticus Sobekhotep. "Sobek is Pleased", as she often says, perhaps referring to her own pleased state.

She goes by the local alias Wanimiko Nile, however. She seems to like this name. She streams video games these days, so we have allowed her to do as she pleases, so long as she has others to tend to her shopping needs for the time being.

ADDENDUM: Further interviewing has opened the avenue of gender discussion, to which she has allowed us to reveal she is what we humans refer to as "Transgender", or alternatively, "Intersex". Naturally, she exhibits traits of true to forme hermaphroditism, though for human forme she will answer any questions related to gender as being "Transgender, but a woman through and through". She insists this not be a consistent question, so we ask those who interact with her please respect this wish.

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