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Neusxanity, The Star of Calamity

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Neusxanity is a Demi-Primordial and is a Virtual Youtuber also a Streamer who makes his content in English. Neusxanity was Youtuber in 2017 where he first starting making videos, after that Neusxanity changed in 2020 were he wanted to be a Vtuber because he wanted to assume a form for entertaining the Humans. Neusxanity tends to play games that are NOT mainstream all the time, he more likely spends his time play Gacha games and MMOs.

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Neusxanity The Star of Calamity wished nothing but the destruction of the Gods, who had failed to obey the orders of The Creator and who ruthless ruled over the mortals and animals with fear and intimidations and mindless violence. Neusxanity was created to correct the gods mistakes by exterminating and devouring them, the Cosmos demanded they're deaths for there will be balance in the universe! So, Neusxanity time traveled to 2229 were the gods have ravaged the planet, water levels were overflowing! There was blood everywhere and the Gods destroying everything on the surface and even in water!

The MOMENT, Neusxanity stepped onto the ground the gods have not felt a dread before in a 2000 years, they all turned at once to face one of the Creators True weapons, The Star of Calamity and their doom was upon them at last! To be honest with you all, some Gods fought in vain and some ran but in the end, Neusxanity devoured all of them in a massacre that noone would see coming.

Oh, you want specific details on the Gods that died? Alright, but I warned ya:

Poseidon was the first of many to die, he tried to stab Neusxanity with his trident but failed miserably! Neusxanity took the trident out of his stomach and threw right back at Poseidon with a Headshot that instant destroyed him!

Zeus was the second to fall with his brother, he used his sword of Olympus to cut down Neusxanity but that only managed to make him mad even more! Neusxanity destroyed the blade, and used his Cosmic Chaos Breath on Zeus removing his entire existence by body and soul!

Sun Wu Kong was the third to go, okay if you thought Zeus annoyed him, Wu Kong got the most brutal death of them all. Wu Kong kept hit Neusxanity with his staff over and over again, changing size then making it small again. At one point the battle lasted an hour and a half of the fighting but after Neusxanity saw a predictable pattern within Wu Kong style he took this advantage and grabbed Wu Kong's staff when it grew again and.... I kid you not, he can actually take control of the staff! Wu Kong's staff didn't obey him anymore at all so Neusxanity bashed it over Wu Kong head several different times after that his head exploded like it was a watermelon! He REALLY hated that god specifically!

Thor was the fourth to go as well as his Brother Loki, well at this point Neusxanity had pretty much killed 89% of the Gods on Earth! I will be honest these two gave Neusxanity one hell of a fight! Thor was just pretty much stunning Neusxanity constantly, while Loki sliced away at Neusxanity legs and arms! I will give them this they fought with such teamwork I was impressed, but... LOKI being an idiot got cocky an assumed Neusxanity was about to die, Thor warned his brother but by the time he did, Loki was struck with a gut wrenching punch towards his mid-section completely take out his spine! Thor enraged now, attacked Neusxanity with no plans except for revenge! Neusxanity ate him alive and left no trace of his soul along with his brother!

Ra was the Fifth to die and was one of the last of the batch of gods, he used all of his light in one attack to destroy Neusxanity, it was effective however he was using too much for his body eventually disappearing by his own power and causing the bird to die on the spot. But Neusxanity was serverly damaged but obviously was back on his feet moments later.

Yeah thats about it man, OH just forgot! Who wants Subway tonight!? -Immortal One

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