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Nana Tengoku

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They are an agender VStreamer that began creating content in April. They are known for their welcoming, chill vibe in the streams and welcomes everyone who is looking for a safe place to relax and chat with a down-to-earth streamer. Their usual stream times are in the afternoon to evenings and last between 4-6 hours with occasional specials where the stream is longer.

The games that they play are usually older games that they already have played, own or have owned, or have been meaning to complete it but never got around to it. There are occasional newer or more well=known games that are played. They also take requests from their viewers.

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Nana is known as the Overlord of ((The Void)), which is space that does not exist in space or time. When dwelling with the humans, they are seen in a human form that has female characteristics, but that can change at any given moment. In the void, they are seen as a large mass of celestial energy that does as they please. There are places in The Void where they and others take a human shape, but that is a place for visitors.

They did not always want to leave their void, but they felt like it was necessary in order to improve and adapt to the changing universe. It might not seem like it, but the void is shrinking. Nana needs to figure out how to stop the shrinking and help it grow again. They hope that by spending time with humans and other beings that exist in the world, they will be able to find a solution to the ever-shrinking void and build a void nation that can benefit every living creature.

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