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Monty Seelana

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Monty Seelana is a fairy scholar, formerly of the Seelie Court. He mostly plays varied gaming streams on YouTube, but also hosts the Sweet and Spicy Interviews with other VTubers on weekends, and hosts the Seelana School series of tutorials aimed at teaching people how to become VTubers.

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"Your favorite fairy scholar!"

If asked about his teaching job, he dances around the subject. He's mentioned being a part of Titania University, but is reluctant to talk about all the incongruities - if he's a fairy scholar, why is he on Earth and not in the faelands? Why is he human sized, and unable to fly? If pressed, he'll mention his time in the Seelie Court in the past tense, and is quick to change the subject to his thesis - studying VTubers. Could he be in exile, and trying to earn his way back into the graces of Queen Titania?

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