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Mizu is a Brazilian Virtual Streamer. She knows and talks about a range of subjects, from love to good-manners, giving advice and being politicaly incorrect 90% of time. People say that she has a good voice, but Mizu thinks that she talks like an old lady that smoke cheap cigarettes for 30 years. She debuted in February/2021

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A flower blooms in Osasco, the world's capital of pidgeon hotdog. Raised by René Barretos, MizuYong strives to achieve her goal: spread the word of galoucura. Chaos, madness and a touch of schizophrenia mesh together in order to bring balance to the universe. In this new world, MizuYong arises as the newly crowned Queen of Osasco, while also bringing back the mighty empire of Japan. The sprout of this union is the city of Osaska, the home of Mizuzean Kingdom. From now on, Mizu lurks on the deepest layers of internet trying to figure out a way to achieve her mission, while also absorbing every bit of questionable information avaliable and passing along to her peasants. Will you acknowledge galoucura or perish like Che Guevara?

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