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MisaMisa is the first ever debuted and the only don mega of Juggalo VTubers. He has a focus on let's play style video content primarily of JRPGs and various reviews ranging from music albums to fast food items and TV shows/anime all primarily with background music from the Insane Clown Posse and occasional sips of Faygo Redpop. Much of the content, regardless if it's a review or gaming, involves some form of sociological or historical lesson mixed in at random, often with controversial perspectives. MisaMisa occasionally does other videos as well, such as tutorials for VRChat world building, and very rarely will stream on YT. He also writes an anime-focused blog; 24FramesPS on wordpress and is banned on twitter.

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There is no lore, its not some character its just an avatar. Known for many years as CurryButt (a reference to Tsukihime character Ciel) prior to the change to MisaMisa. Uses VTubing and VRChat as a way to try and help with his agoraphobia a little bit.

His hair is made of Faygo Redpop.

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