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Yumi is a cheerful high school student in Tokyo, who likes smiling because she heard it makes the brain happy. While studying Freud, she started to understand and accept another persona of her, the Mayumi who does recon and collects intel about those who corrupt the city. Life is short. She'll live every moment with precision. She won't miss!

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A professional sniper, dangerous, and holds the record for longest hit in Japan. Anonymously, of course. Visited shooting ranges when she was young when visiting her grandparents in the city. Trained in several martial arts, and obsessively cleans her guns in her free time. Hates blood and hand to hand combat, prefers clean shots through a lens. Despises killing innocents, so she spends countless hours observing her targets. Collateral is always to be avoided. Uses bright smiles and idol-like behavior to cope with the nature of her job. It's the only thing she's good at, after all.

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