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Kuromiya is a female VTuber creating a variety of content related to gaming, tarot reading, ASMR, and music. She often plays games in collaboration with other creators, most notably "Among Us" and "Phasmophobia". As a book shop owner and avid reader, she often gives book recommendations to viewers and offers free tarot readings to her followers.

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Kuromiya Lucien, also known as Lulu or Kuro is a demon from the lower circles of hell, who came to earth to open a book shop called "Black Sheep". After being cast out by her family in hell, and pushed onto the lower circles for reasons yet to be concluded, she waited for a human to find her sigil in a book and offer a body to possess. By the laws of the occult, she was made mortal in return and had to adjust to the experience of pain and hunger. Her eyesight is impaired and she wears a veil to protect herself from other entities possessing her body. Occasionally she takes requests to reveal her true demon voice. Her followers are called "Black Rams" and she survives on the human souls offered to her.

Lulu revealed a preview of her demon form before losing memories of a glitch occurring during her stream. Later she announced having collected enough souls to commence a ritual to return to her demon form. She has confirmed this change to be final and announced a provisional re-debut date for 666 (06/12/21).

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