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Pronounced as me-wie. Nestled within the heart of Serenity Gardens lies a Green Cat which is not your ordinary feline. Birthday: 29 October

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Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived a fallen king named M1WWY. Once a mighty ruler, he had watched his kingdom crumble. Dethroned, his castle in ruins, and his people dispersed.

With a heavy heart, M1WWY found himself retreating to the last sanctuary he had left - a vast, ancient gardens that had been under his protection for generations.

A black cat approached him and touched his forehead with its paw. At that moment, an intense surge of energy coursed through his body, transforming him into a half-man, half-cat creature.

M1WWY now had the legs and tail of a cat but retained his human upper body. The forest had cursed and humiliated him, turning him into a being that was part of the very wilderness he had sought to destroy.

Over time, the black cat that had transformed him became his constant companion and guide. Together, they roamed the enchanted gardens, ensuring its safety and well-being.

With his newfound feline agility, he discovered that he could communicate with cats and understand their language. He is set to repair the Gardens, nurturing its regrowth, and protecting its magical inhabitants.

In the shadowy depths of his soul, there resided a burning resolve that set him apart from the ordinary. His name Boneless, whispered in hushed tones, carried with it a sense of foreboding and determination. He was a man who had tasted the bitter sting of loss and betrayal, a man who had stared into the abyss of despair and emerged with an unyielding determination to reclaim what was rightfully his. With a heart ablaze and a spirit unbroken, he vowed to take everything back, to rise from the ashes of his past and claim the future that had been stolen from him. In every storm the Sun will always rise again. 七転び八起き. Fall seven times, get up eight.

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