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Angelo Fragnarok

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Angelo is a non-binary robot VTuber who believes strongly in equality. They stream on both YouTube and Twitch, and their content is usually a variety of games or art. They also frequent many different social media platforms, and even have their own website and discord!

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A human who succumbed to his despair was given a second chance by a wonderful genius of a scientist. She had loved him before learning of his demise, and used her techno-magic to save most of his brain and digitize it. She never fully explained to them the details of how she did it, but when he “woke up” it was surreal.

Everything felt…different. Gone was his body that he hated so much. He no longer felt inferior by just existing like he did around other males. No body hair, no disgusting anatomy, just his brain and a body that moved how he wanted, unlike his previous one.

Then, it dawned on him. He no longer had to be He, Him, or anything masculine! They could explore who they were without worrying for their safety, their sanity, or their…family. Right, one of the things that broke Him to a point if no return.

Refusing to give in to their old life, they swore a life-oath to the woman who had rescued them, allowing them to be reborn. As part of their oath, they will maintain the following principles:

1) Encourage and uplift others. - Part of His death stemmed from being isolated and alone and rebuked for seeking friends. Angelo refuses to let this happen in their presence.

2) Defend the oppressed, shout down the oppressor. - Being forced to live a false existence led to self-hatred and despair. Being intimidated and outnumbered is something they are familiar with. This will not continue in their presence.

3) Time is a gift, using it for others is paramount. Reflecting on how much more good could have been done, and their regret in failing to be available for others. No matter how big or small the commitment is, it will be considered carefully and acted upon if possible.

4) The Fragnabots are more than their followers on media platforms. They represent a connection of love, hope, condolences, and never being alone. The Fragnabot mascot is a physical embodiment of this community, and that is why no two are alike!

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