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Im a Kitsune Virtual Idol thats programmed to sing, entertain and make you smile!~ -Lyra

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✨Lyra comes from a hyper advanced society of Kitsune people from the planet of Inaria. She was programmed as a Virtual Idol. Her current body is made of nanobots that can emulate various textures and feels (such as skin). Her body is currently in the form of a 24 y/o Inarian female with a curvy and semi athletic build. She's able to access the, "Magi-Force", turning into a magic girl and having access to multiple abilties. Such as density shifting her nanobots to allow her to change how much weight she can lift, fly and phase through solid matter. She was programmed as a means of entertainment in flights that may take a long amount of time with a secondary programing of defending the same people she entertains. She can sing, dance, and join people as friends in the vr realm and internet!🦊✨

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