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Lykus is a Live2D Vtuber (formerly GIFtuber) who is also a freelance artist and rigger. Ly goes by they/them pronouns, but doesn't necessarily mind others. They mainly stream their art on Twitch, and enjoy drawing characters - especially those that are related to Dungeons and Dragons. Occasionally, they will stream video games as well, especially with their friends.

They stream on Twitch every Monday & Wednesday at 6pm ET. Most often, they can be found creating content on Twitch & TikTok.

Lore Edit

Ly is some kind of occult cryptid or demon-like creature. Not much is known about them or their origin. They are a mysterious shaman who runs a rest-stop for adventurers - known as The Grotto - to provide a place of respite to all creatures.

This place is a magical one, interdimensional, situated between the world of the living and the dead. On the mortal plane, portals to it are often found by walking through an unsuspecting door. These entryways especially call to those who wish for a place of warmth and comfort.

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