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Lorelei Sylvanus

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Lorelei Sylvanus is an EN VTuber who is a forest spirit. Streams art and video games. Pronounced lore·uh·lai - sil·vah·nuhsローレライ• シルバヌス.

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Lorelei Sylvanus is a satyress ghost ready to play games and meet incredible new friends! She is the great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of Pan the Greek God of Nature, which makes her 1/128th Goddess... Hey, any little drop of godly bloodline helps, right?

In the 9th century, Lorelei traveled to Scandinavian lands, and trained with the greatest Viking warriors of the time. Shes not quite sure how she died? But, bah! Details dont matter. As of 2022, Lorelei resides in her mythical haunted forest known as Hjemsøkt Forest.

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