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AiCaterine is an English-speaking vtuber. Content is seiso (wholesome). Streams art and a variety of games. She is a part of the Torii Nexus Vtuber group.

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AiCaterine is an elven mage who is a part of the illustrious Wing Guild, a group of the top mages from the mysterious land of Fjærfjord and its people. One day, she used the wrong spell while distracted by something else causing her to time travel to the modern era. AiCaterine ended up making friends with the people there and discovered hobbies such as video games and streaming. In her downtime she worked on remembering the proper spell that would get her back to her era.

Eventually figuring out the correct spell, AiCaterine finds herself able to teleport back to her own time. Missing her new friends, new favorite foods and hobbies (streaming and mint chocolate ice cream!), AiCaterine decides to travel back and forth between eras.

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