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V Knives

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V Knives is a fairy vampire assassin trap. He streams RPGs and many other styles of content, such as reviews and talking streams. He has a very open and chaotic format to his content. He first started posting in 2021, with the theme of a talk show or podcast. He hates censorship and openly criticizes mainstream narratives, which is why he is called evil and a supervillain. He was permanently banned from twitter and discord. He is active on Telegram, Youtube, Twitch, Kick, Tiktok, Fansly, and He also uses the crypto url Lolifucker9000.wallet

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V Knives was a mercenary strategist, until he fell through a Gate during a skirmish against an enemy force. He fought his nemises in the Feywild to the death. A fairy appeared and revived him, and the process turned him into a fairy like her. Tragic events led to him being thrown back into the material plane, forward through time. Questing led him to living in a mysterious region called Gloomvale, and he is known there as an investigator, and his exploits also make him a war criminal by Earth standards. Magical portals and technology allow him to exist in other places of the multiverse, which is how he streams and posts content.

He enjoys playing as a cute trap, while he is also a psychopath. He often makes occult references and surreal jokes. Examples include connecting Plato's realm of Forms to the concept of virtual avatars, and he refers to Gamers as the most oppressed race. Many instances have shown people being intimidated or uncomfortable talking to him directly, and instead having conflicts addressed to third parties, which have been played for comedy. However, he is respectful and calm with anyone he engages with. He always defends his friends and never insults them for content.

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