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Liz is a cozy fox Vtuber with a soothing voice, she mainly plays sandbox survival games, whilst also enjoying some horror from time to time. She enjoys interacting with her community and tries to make everyone welcomed and loved. She refers to her community as "Lovelies" often saying "Everyone is lovely, until they are not".

She's always trying to do better every stream, not just for herself, but for her community, she's always doing something new and is willing to give most things a try.

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After emerging from a "bad place" she doesn't often talk about her past before streaming, she does however mention a few people but not much else. She's fled that life and is putting her past behind her. She does however say she's travelled a lot, meeting Kobolds, other foxes, cats, bats, racoons and a dragon among others. She loves all the the people she's met along the way calling the special people gremlins as they most of the people she interacts with are very chaotic. she has a lot of love to give, and will do a lot for those she cares for.

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