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Suna is a loud and energetic variety VStreamer on Twitch. She is very community based and positivity is a must in her streams! She strives to make everyone feel at home in her community!

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Suna was once a house cat who was loyal to her owner Larry. Her owner was building a time machine, and the silly cat walked into it and teleported to the world of Pokémon.. In this world she met a little Pikachu known as "Roo" who became her best friend.

But longing to find her owner, she entered the time machine again together with Roo. But something went terribly wrong! Somehow she was fused with a human when teleporting and became a cat girl, and now streams, together with Roo, in the hopes her owner will someday find her.

After streaming for quite some time, she was bit my a Himalayan Racoon who turned her nearly permanently into a red panda. But every once in a while, the chat can bring back the cat she once was.

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