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Mia Hanashiro

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Mia Hanashiro is an elf and owner of Flower Crown Cafe. She is from Malaysia and an English Vtuber. She mostly does chill streams, playing games such as Genshin Impact or have chatting sessions. Her birthday is 12 December. Her height is 158cm. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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She was formerly employed by the Elf Queen, who had demanded beauty potions from her daily. However, as the Queen discovered the magic of online shopping, Mia was out of a job. Eventually, she found that her services were no longer necessary, thus she left the palace to undergo training.

Unlike most other elves, Mia wasn't strong in magic. She had some powers, sure, such as conjuring water or light, but it wasn't enough. Her wandering eventually brought her to the Magical Woods, a place where most elves avoided. "It was haunted," they said, "Nothing good lived there, at the edge of the kingdom, forgotten by time." But she was curious. Something brought here here, something she couldn't explain.

Through the twisted paths, she heard a voice. An ancient tree, dying. "Finally, my voice has been heard. Come closer, child," it said, barely above a whisper. "I have been here since the dawn of time, but the magic of the elves do not reach this place now. I cannot sustain much longer, not with so much shadow encroaching the borders."

Mia didn't understand. The Elven kingdom was prosperous; there was no war or conflict. Human interaction was kept to the bare minimum thus the elves thrived in this hidden place. But what were the shadows? And what was the tree sustaining?

A touch of its bark gave her all the answers: this Tree was a Guardian. It needed magic, but there was none left in the earth to give it life. And the shadows...evil, dark things that curl and ebb like smoke, whispering pain and fear. They're always lurking, watching and waiting for the moment the shields surrounding the kingdom would fall.

"What sustains you, o Great Tree?" Mia knew she had to help. Even if the Elven kingdom had forgotten, this border was important. She didn't have enough power, but it needed to be done, no questions asked.

"Joy, my child. The power of happiness and joy, laughter and mirth. It nourishes the soil and in return, strengthen these shields."

An idea formed in her mind. It will take time but there was a way to give the tree the Joy it needs. She will build a café, for travelers of any background to rest and heal. Gathering Joy will take time, though. After all, who would trust a random building in the middle of the woods? Mia smiled, "Don't worry, Great Tree. I'll use human magic. In time, we'll get you the power you need."

"Human magic? There is such a thing?"

"It's called the Internet. It's pretty strong magic, but even I can use it. All that's left is to build a café to beckon them in," Mia got ready to get to work. She didn't have much time; as soon as darkness settles on the woods, the shadows will come and a long battle until dawn will begin. In the midst of construction, she practiced her lines.

"Hi, I'm Mia! Welcome to Flower Crown Café!"

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