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Kurono Uriel

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Kurono Uriel is a Fallen Angel and a cross-dresser, set to learn more about the human cultures in hopes of becoming a full-fledge Vtuber~! Streams consist of really chill gameplay, mainly FPS and ARPG games, art streams, and singing streams. He's determined to bring excitement and joy to his Zasshu, he will do whatever it takes to be a slacker~!

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Kurono Uriel was once known as a master of knowledge and archangel of wisdom living in The Plains of Heaven long ago. However, he who denies working has been slacking and sleeping all day long tired of the duties he was tasked to do. He was banished because he did not hold the title that was bestowed to him and banished to Earth as a Fallen Angel. But, he comes to know that Earth's a cultured place and he learned of the Earth's natural beauty. However, as he discovered Vtubers, he was astonished and eventually he had an idea where he wants to join them in being a Vtuber where he can slack off more on Earth. So, he began to blend in with the people on earth by changing his appearance and cross-dresses to the ones similar to the Vtubers. Kurono Uriel however, became a Vtuber and a "NEET" just to amuse his boredom from Heaven, to find out becoming a Vtuber is actually fun~!

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