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Kurokami Riha

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Riha is a boy Vtuber from LatteID who currently streams on Youtube. He loves to talk to his viewers and greet them with a warm welcome~♥ he love digimon and pokemon stuff.

Riha mostly speaks Indonesian but can speak some English.He love digimon and pokemon stuff, His streams are mostly about RPG and Survival horror games ( he is weak to jumpscare but love to seeing it) and sometimes he do some chatting and building modelkit stream. he also doing weekly stream about game news and digimon related news in LatteID channel.

His model look like a girl but riha always say that he is a boy who just like to wear cute cloth because its more suit him. and he really like oozora subaru a vtuber from hololive

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He is a weapon engineering from distopyian future who suck in into black hole and woke up in fantasy world called "Luxerna" in the new world he meet new friends and travel to find who and why he is teleported to this world

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