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I am a chill Onyx Dragon Panther who likes to build things in games. I play a lot of base-building and colony management-type games and some adventure shooters or role-playing games on occasion.

In addition to YouTube and Twitch listed below, I can be found on VStream at

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A dimension-hopping wonderer, Krahazik was born on a distant planet during its steel era when dragons were commonplace. There were two main species of dragons, hyper-intelligent breeds of dragons and the feral breeds. In the beginning, there were more feral breeds than intelligent breeds. As the humans evolved on the planet, conflict arose between the humans and the feral dragons and dragon hunters arose. A few unpleasant members of the intelligent species of dragons caused some significant problems, and dragon hunters and a few other Heroes stepped up to take them down. Things did not stop there, though. The hunters chose to hunt all dragons, even the intelligent ones who would rather live in peace with the humans and not cause problems. Many decades passed, and many dragons were slain. Having learned magic and some shape-changing skills, Krahazik began spending more and more time in Human form to hide from the hunters.

Among Krahazik's talents, he learned to create portals to allow him to quickly move from place to place, which helped him stay away from the hunters. One day, he took a risk and opened a portal to another dimension, and jumped blind. With the ability to fly in Space as well, Krahazik has found he enjoys wandering from planet to planet, dimension to dimension, just seeing what is out there. Exploring different cultures and civilizations and watching them grow. Throughout most of his explorations, Krahazik has worked to keep a low profile, hiding his abilities and true form from those he interacts with, always sticking to the shadows.

One day, he portals into orbit in his true form above a lovely blue planet with a single moon. The people appeared to be in an age of technological advancement and looked fun. So he decided to shift form and portal down to the surface. Discovering what this world had called the internet, he came across various forms of entertainment and vtubers. Settling down on this new world he decided to give this vtubing thing a try and see where it goes.

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