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KoziiChu [コージーちゅ] is an English VTuber affiliated wtih Kawa Entertainment's first generation, alongside her genmates Hunikin, PiaPiUFO, Senniursa, Kota Kotonya, and Xion De Noir.

Kozii is both an artist and Live2d rigger, as well as a hobby graphics designer and video editor. She has created 4 Live2d models and 1 Vroid model to date (9/23), with her first full Vtuber child currently in the works.

Formerly, she was known as Millie Fuwaffles:

-On February 13th, Millie debuted on YouTube!

-On July 16th, Millie reached 1k on YouTube

-On August 12th, Millie joined the group Prism Virtual as a new member

-On September 5th, she created a talkshow, Honesty Hour, speaking with other small Vtubers about their experiences in content creation.

-On October 20th, Millie changed her name to KoziiChu! You can follow her activities from @KoziiChu handles, from now on.

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Millie was a normal alpaca when she was born. A powerful mage decided to settle down on a farm and gifted his animals with magic, turning them each into sweets.

The mage passed away eventually, and Millie, who had been gifted with extra magic by her caretaker, has now stepped up to become the new farm manager.

She spent some time on the internet, trying to get a better idea of how to talk to humans.. and now, she has decided to become a streamer, to try and spread some joy and fun times to all.

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