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Just Jed

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Jed is a 21 year old male YouTuber and streamer who makes gaming related content and gets distracted by things too easily.

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Nearing the end of WWII, a small village of fishers within an archipelago nation burned by the flames of a red sun. Surrounded by fire, rubble, and blood, a single boy cried to the sky for help. It was then that the cries of a metal bird, bearing the sigil of eagles, came. From that came the Eagle Warriors who spoke of battle, justice, and freedom. The Eagle Warriors helped the lone boy learn and grow; the apex Eagle Warrior giving the boy special attention. The boy learned to fight for what's right and to always seek to understand the minds of those he fights. The boy learned to follow orders and to always question those orders. The boy learned to wage war and to seek peace. Equipped with power and knowledge, honor and deciet, the boy would join the ranks of the Eagle Warriors. The battalion would find themselves in a campaign of covert operations all over the world. Then, they met their final opponent. A nation of endurance against mother nature's cold shoulder. A nation whose people lived for strength and survival in a land of ice and snow. It is here where the battalion would be torn apart. The Eagle Warriors enacted a shadow operation on a research facility said to be making a WMD under a tundra village. The boy turned warrior was sent to investigate the village who he found to be cooperative. They led him and his team into the facility, but this would end up being a trap. The boy's team found themselves in the middle of an ambush which would kill and separate many of the warriors until the boy was captured. The scientists took the opportunity to try out a new experiment on the young warrior. As such, the warrior was lost to time for many years. Then, one day, a faulty program would awaken the warrior to a world he would have never imagined. Endless battles being fought throughout hundreds of digital worlds and universes. Singers and idols create songs and performances to accompany each battle and heal the soul. Endless realities to discover and analyze. This new digital world sparked a light of curiosity in the heart of the young warrior that he had long forgotten. And so, the young eagle would soar through and above these new lands; hoping to find his brothers in arms, yet eager to see what wonders there are to explore.

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