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That Degen John

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John is an Incubus, They are a gamer who enjoys playing difficult games and creating challenge runs.

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Demons, Phantoms, Ghouls. There are many names given to these creatures. They sustain themselves by seducing people and stealing their life force.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t one of them. Incubi have been able to seduce and have relations with women as tales old as time went. Well, except for John. He is one of the few Incubi with ZERO seduction skills, Or any social skills for that matter.

Slowly withering away while travelling, John found a peculiar medium. It portrays a hand-drawn character committing lewd acts. Upon seeing people purchase the item, John proceeded to try it out. It was a type of “video game” called an “Eroge”. He found out that he can actually sustain himself by absorbing the life force of people who are interested in the same thing using a portal called the “Internet”. This ,sadly, didn’t help poor John’s social skills and it just further pushed him to the depths of degeneracy. Now, he tries to be a “V-tuber” in order to actually gain social skills and hopefully... live like a normal Incubus.

But is his name really John? Well, it’s one of his names. Others used before were “Yuki”, “Akari”, “The Right Honourable The Former Deputy Head of the West Dorm Sir Eunice-Jean “Chapwithalongname” Whyisitstillgoingpleasestop iwillpayyoutostopaddingmore LXIX (Copyright) (Patent Pending). Is this last part a shitpost? Only time will tell.

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