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JillieFoo, or -Jill- is a Mixed variety Virtual Streamer who plays a mix of Virtual Reality rythm games and normal games. Their pronouns are He or They. Their content is in english, and they enjoy streaming to entertain people! Their avatar predominantly features the colors Pink and Blue, and uses an assortment of models. Usually featuring the characters -Jillie- or -Jillina-.

JillieFoo is also a prominate member of the community known as "The Turbo Nerds"

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There are TWO characters featured in JillieFoo's Channel/Streams. Jillie and Jillina.

Jillie - is a mecha piolet / Super Hero that plays video games in their free time, and they want nothing more to share their love for video games with all kinds of new people. He's a bit of a doof, but means well, though he has a mysterious past. His character style is Synth/Vapor-wave inspired, with a mix of mech pilot, and Japanese Hero esthetic. He can also be a bit of a pushover in contrast to Jillina

Jillina - is far more hardened and aggressive than Jillie is by a long shot. She doesn't take attitude from no one, and will let you know it. She's confident in her body, she's sexy, and she knows it. any outfit she wears, she slays in. But you get caught ogling, you might end up regretting it. Their skin is blue for unclear reasons, and she very much puts the "Punk" in "CyberPunk"

Jillie and Jillina are best friends, even though they are so different from one another. Both characters are Non-Binary, He/They for Jillie, and She/They for Jillina. Even though Jillie uses slightly more masculine pronouns, their appearance is intentionally androgynous for the most part, so as to allow them a more effeminate esthetic when they want (Maid outfit for example). Where as even though Jillina uses slightly more feminine pronouns, their punk esthetic and attitude highlight their more masculine aspects, and she's more than proud of that, unabashedly so.

Some of Jillie and Jillina's lore is a part of the Web Comic "Indistinguishable" that is produced by VTuber - Jade_Paradox- ( So hints about their origins and their current struggles are slowly being touched on in the comic.

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