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Henry Ingles

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Henry Ingles is a calm, low energy variety VStreamer who primarily plays on retro platforms such as the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast PS, and PS2 (not exclusively) with a focus on playing on real hardware if possible. While primarily focused on retro platforms, Henry Ingles has been known to play modern games as well, and in some cases, not even gaming at all. This streamer is still in its formative period. Despite not having an official debut date, they have been routinely streaming, and developing said stream, since January 1st, 2022.

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A strange entity lurks in the abandoned remains of a former Electronics and Mechanical Engineering juggernaut, Krogstad Industrial Electromechanics. Rumours circulate in the city that its former computer operator, Henry Ingles, continues to haunt the expansive Data Processing Department where his lifeless body was once found. Further details about this gruesome mystery have gone missing, and all who were involved in its investigation have been... uncooperative. Vagrants, vandals, and the adventurous who wander in the herculean structure that is KIE's abandoned headquarters have all reported, with great distress, of deteriorated and long dead machinery grinding and screeching to life, only to be met with an image of a rudimentary, smiling face.

Obscure audio recordings have been salvaged and distributed amongst the public, supposedly related to the incident in question. However, they appear to have been encoded. As of this day, the contents of those messages have not been decoded, or disseminated.

The residents in town spread rumours of the terrifying blight that lives in the decayed carcass of a once great engineering empire. Meanwhile, Henry, the dead nerd, continues to do nerd things, oblivious to his surrounding environment. It is almost an air of uncaring or flippancy to the dire situation Henry appears to be in. Does he not know? Has he come to terms with the situation? Or maybe, he has a plan?

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