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A guild of ENVtuber’s and content creators that governs over the souls and afterlife.

We specialize in Content creation, Art, Animations and Singing on both Twitch and Youtube

Our current member’s as follows:

@xai_ice: An artifical system, artist and animator! She claims that shes an artificial system because girls aren’t real.
@Sen_Seiyin: The demonic artist, animator and singer who in reality is a fun and easy to vibe with clown.
@runsachan: An amnesiac poltergyst who’s easily distracted. She brews tea for the lost souls that travel between death and rebirth.
@MajimaVtuber: An all seeing eye who’s soul purpose is to gain infinite knowledge and leave no secrets hidden! It ain’t going that well doe.
@shallushark: A whale shark deity awoken by the cries of pain from the ocean life! They’re here to teach humans a lesson in being more responsible!
@Ashinara_: He’s the elven wizard paranormal investigaor with the heart of gold… Unless you break the rules….!

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