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"If you're expecting an uwu e-boy, ya in the wrong place buckaroo."

Crass, reasonable, dumb, Hyze is a virtual YouTuber and Twitch Streamer obsessed with fast-paced movement shooters. He is a digital artist and 2D puppet animator who designed his model and streaming set up from scratch. His YouTube content feature indie movement FPS guides, his streams usually feature an FPS game + Viewer Art Raffle.

Hyze's streams are usually mid-high energy, with peak comedy gaming and a chat that eats away at your brain cells. You have been warned. His streams are highly interactive as viewers can buy raffle tickets with channel points, disable his mouse, disable his movement, play live meme edits, set per-viewer entrance sfx themes, and so on.

Hyze's FPS playstyle leans on needlessly flashy and risky plays that usually lead to death. Hyze's art style has atrocious fundamentals that are warped, filtered, and adjusted to be visually "alright." Hyze's language is very crass, vulgar, but never unironically hateful. Please bring it up if the way he talks to you (in particular) makes you uncomfortable.

Off stream, Hyze is also working with the indie movement FPS "REAVER."

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Hyze is a totally average, unimportant, Demon Core. They are an ageless shapeshifting amalgamation of human and animal sacrifices– war machines and atrocities created by war long forgotten.

(Despite being a worldbuilding nerd, Hyze does zero roleplaying. Written short stories and comics are in the works.)

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