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FinalFire64 (or just Final) is a Canadian VTuber/VStreamer, Cat Dad, and Game Developer. With a focus on gaming, he tends to branch out to a variety of games ranging from emulated N64/GC games to whatever he has on Steam. On occasion, he will stream developing his own video game.

Final also curates his own cooking show, tailoring to low-budget meals that still taste great.

His streams are often chill (despite being a fire deity), with a focus on mental health. Everyone is welcome to the Bonfire, the name of his stream, to talk about what ails them, or any successes they may have. Despite the chill nature, he focuses on fun and acknowledges his, as well as others', emotions.

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Manufactured son of Haephestus and Hestia, Final was born of copper in his father's forge and given form by his mother's art. He descended to the cold and desolate lands to set up the Bonfire, a resting place for adventurers of all sorts.

During his duties as the Caretaker to the Bonfire, he perfectly toasted a marshmallow. Said marshmallow gained sentience, and the cat known as Elohim was born.

It is written that Final's prototype "twin", Initial, is the cause of Winter and the lethal colds that follow.

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