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Nezumi is a bubbly VStreamer that plays fantastical and/or cute games, with a large focus on nintendo content, particularly 3DS games. They also do the occasional art stream, as they have created their avatar themselves. Since they are not good at most games they play, their content focuses largely on them taking abot various topics with viewers while they are playing a game in the background. They are okay with any pronouns.

Currently, they are regularly streaming the following games: The Yakuza Series (weekly, currently at Yakuza 2) Animal Crossing New Leaf (once every two weeks) Mario Kart 7 (weekly) Raft (weekly) Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney Triology (weekly) The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (weekly)

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Nezumi was a magic prodigy in their home, a place they refer to as the elven realm. They were so talented they invented a teleportation spell that transcends realms and brought them straight into the human realm at the young age of 11, and traveled between the two places regularly, until the low magic concentration on earth took it's toll and weakened their magic enough to now leave them stranded with their familiar, a shapeshifting rat named Pie.

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