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SweetSora is a VTuber who makes content in Spanish. Original description in Spanish: Eriza psicóloga en busca de su titulación, amante de la buena comida y los erizos. Acompañala en sus streams dónde todo el tiempo manquea pero las risas y los memes no faltan en el canal.
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Maeysha is a vtuber that plays obscure games, due to antiphospholipid syndrome [a clotting disorder] she has a very quiet and unique voice. She loves NieR, Drakengard, Bayonetta, Metroid and many other games, she has been playing games since she was 2 years old. She has Lupus, an autoimmune disorder which leaves her exhausted most…
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Mirage Aegis
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Mirage Aegis is a Virtual streamer in the form of a sea slug (pilgrim hervia). They mainly stream in English but do use Swedish from time to time; and the primary games they play are Splatoon, Mario Kart, and some RPGs on the Nintendo Switch. Outside of streaming, Mirage programmes a Discord bot as a…
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Nezumi is a bubbly VStreamer that plays fantastical and/or cute games, with a large focus on nintendo content, particularly 3DS games. They also do the occasional art stream, as they have created their avatar themselves. Since they are not good at most games they play, their content focuses largely on them taking abot various topics…
Videos 96Frequency 4.83Subs 418Views 4.9k
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