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Azure is a very chill 2.5D English VStreamer from the States. He primarily plays a lot of RPGs and story heavy games, such as the Yakuza series. His content is very laid back, but the moment someone asks to learn about what he's playing or something he likes, he talks like there is no tomorrow.

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A loud wota wanted to get closer to the virtual concerts idols have been holding, Azure hacked his penlights and programmed in a "Virtualization System". Waving his penlights in motions inspired by his favorite tokusatsu and wotagei calls activating his system with the call of "Henshin!" he was able to transform himself into his virtual model, finally able to be as close as he can to his favorite idols. He decided to make a base for himself when he transforms. That world he created was Regen City. Regen City is the unstable hub designed after a digital cyberpunk city where he could go and enter the world of his favorite games. A very peculiar thing he did notice was that that the light of UO glowsticks being broken could disrupt his system and kick him out to the real world for a moment before going back in.

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