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Diana Shelley

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Diana is a bovine homunculus librarian who loves sharing stories with her library's patrons. She is a plus-sized transgender lesbian and will openly discuss these topics to inform and encourage others. Her primary focus is on story-driven games such as JRPGs and visual novels. Her main language is English, and she's been learning French on the side.

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Many years ago, a lesbian scientist sought to make the perfect daughter. After many failed attempts, she finally had created a child! However, the DNA she used somehow resulted in a kid that was not a cis girl. Assuming that she'd failed her life's work and created a son, she dropped the infant off with an old acquaintance and seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

Nearly two decades later, the homunculus would not only start to realize that she was in fact a trans woman, but that she wasn't strictly human. Leaving the only mother she'd ever known and taking the name Diana, she moved to the last known location of the mother who created her; a rundown old library. Di had always loved books, and so decided to spruce it up and make it into a functioning library again! It was during some renovations of the second floor - which, oddly, was designed as a living quarter for the owner - that she discovered the true nature of the building...

The library and living quarters were cover for a laboratory with machinery that would change the face of the world overnight if it got out. Not trusting any government to not weaponize every scrap in the place, she spent the next decade learning the devices, reading notes leftover from before, and connecting to her lost mother in a way that she would never be able to put into words.

As for her appearance... that's a bit tricky. The most simple explanation is that being on HRT for a year and a half before she decided to get into VTubing meant that her already unusual DNA altered somewhat, resulting in the bovine parts of her body and a slowed metabolism, and she's never really opened up about the facial scarring and the heterochromia besides a one-word explanation she refuses to elaborate on...


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