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Daijoubu Inumaki

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Daijoubu Inumaki is a female variety Vtuber who streams on Twitch. She is a Sleep Demon - (not a "Sleep Paralysis Demon) that grants her viewers good dreams. She is a fantastic and favorited Vtuber amongst the POC community and Filipino community who is very funny, comfy, and all around amazing. She is very mommy-like but can turn into a gremlin very quickly.

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What we know so far: Daijoubu is a sweet Sleep Demon. In the demon realm she's 8ft / 243.84cm tall, In the human realm she's roughly 4ft9 / 147.32 cm, and in the DreamScape Realm she's an ∞ height. With her soothing and comfy voice, she lulls those to sleep who need it and will comfort them during so.

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