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Comrade Del

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Comrade Del is a Russian VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English, though he also knows Russian and Hebrew on a fluent level. Known for the chill atmosphere of his Bunker Bar streams, playing the guitar, doing some art and is most assuredly wholesome, despite what other keep saying.

His character model is based off the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series mythos and allegedly the Chernobyl Mothman, though no one believes the latter.

Also known as Papa Del, owner of the famous Vtuber Pizzeria restaurant "Papa Del's"

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Comrade Del is an enigmatic figure who slowly spread his influence over the exclusion zone, first with the establishment of the famous Bunker Bar and then by establishing the renowned pizzeria chain 'Papa Del's'.

After repurposing the local technology to his own purposes, he became a streamer to spread his influence further... though sadly much of his legend was lost in translation and he became an unclear amalgamation of legends and rumors.

No one is sure what is behind the mask. Some say he has the maw of a shark, others say he's an alien. He sometimes says he's the infamous Chernobyl Mothman... no one, possibly not even he himself know what he is anymore. What everyone does know for certain is his mystical prowess and future telling abilities, which can be frighteningly accurate!

Del is also known to do many side jobs and dabbled in construction work.

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