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Kexom is a Dictator VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. One of his main feature is him being monkaTOS, touching the edge. He is also notoriously known to be aggressive and upfront about stuff. He is American-Asian, but it's notorious that Kexom sometimes get confused as Singaporean. Nice and friendly, but has dominant complexity and is known to be tsundere around people. Inspirational is the reason he has connections to a lot of people. Though he is also open and blunt, having a harder time to compliment people unless he means it from the bottom of his heart.

Well-known to be scared of most horror games and would drag a friend to accompany him, even if they are not playing. Kexom joined the Vtubing community with the convincing of Mama_Bell, his best friend from DOTA 2 days in January 2017.

He has organized with several of his friends, 'Vtuber Baka Mitai' in June 2020 and VNewYear2021 "Happy New Year Vtubers 2021"

His Birthday is at 18th August, and his height of 170cm.

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When the people are in despair, he comes. When the country is on the verge of destruction, he rises. When they need their freedom, he fights. An Ex-Cavalry Commander, Kapitan Kexom come to fight and lead a revolution for his people's freedom and rights.

Recognized for his bravery, inspirational speeches, and his kindness, he moves the heart of people towards a future with freedom and rights. What he carries is a yellow dyed flag with a contrasting white wing to symbolize hope and freedom.

Kexom hailed from the West, Travelled through the globe through the Central and Middle-East plains, Fought in the East.

His journey was not over yet, even after retaining control of the country, some were dissident to his innovative ideas for expansion internationally as it didn't receive enough public support nor the finance to support it. As a result, he resorted to using an anime model, inspired by the Japanese, to spread propaganda and finance his ideas to continue his revolution .

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