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Cici is a female ghost dog [Puppergeist] VTuber/Streamer, primarily on Twitch in English. She plays indie platformer games, as well as Fortnite, and IdentityV, and whatever else sparks her interest. She has a terrible sense of direction and often gets side tracked in larger open world games, but is a good mix of wholesome and "tired adult" energy for her community.

Her channel is marked 18+ (no minors allowed), as a disclaimer for language (light swearing) and sometimes talking about adult discussion topics. However, her channel and demeanor are not considered "lewd".

Also being an LGBTQIA+ creator herself and a Trans Ally, Cici tries her best to vet games/content that do not illicit harm/discomfort towards her viewers

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A young woman and her loyal dog flee their abusive captor and freeze to death in a winter storm. Begging the Goddess of Death to remain with her canine companion, and to escape the clutches of Death for her unfair demise, the woman pays the ultimate price for her wish;

The souls of the woman and the dog were stitched together, and placed into an undying body comprised of pieces of the both of them.

Now wondering the graveyard for eternity, this Puppergeist seeks lost souls to shelter them in her pawsoleum.

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