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ChUwU is a queer plush bear Vtuber who specializes in pixel art. He usually streams FPS games, Gacha games, and the ocassional TTRPG.

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ChUwUbacca- the toy that was supposed to blend figurine and plushy! He was made as a singular prototype to show off to kids by a toy company! ChUwU was excited to meet everyone and play games with his new friends! He was introduced and there was a gasp.. “Why is does he look like a feminine action figure? Is he a doll or…? No this is a plushy.. right? He’s definitely soft.. but why would anyone want this?” He was a toy nobody wanted. As the hate came rolling in ChUwU started to dampen, he wasn’t the same as before. He slipped into a dark place where forgotten toys go. He would be scolded that he was never going to fit in as a doll because of his plushie parts he was just as handsome as other dolls, but far too feminine. The only ones who ever embraced him were the plushies! The rejected plushies with one eye missing or many eyes added. The concepts not many people liked so they were thrown to the side like long furby’s, Cryptid plushies, etc. were ChUwU’s best friends. Just when ChUwU thought that it was the end of his days a resurgence of peculiar items and plushies started up. His design was mocked and made fun of, but people soon began to enjoy him! He was brought out of the realm of forgotten toys and although many tried, only one ChUwU remains in existence! Although we can’t mass replicate ChUwU, He has come to the screen as a Vtuber to brighten up our days! He is a reminder that even if you’re not the most popular, the prettiest, and most well rounded, you still deserve love and affection.

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