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Cassiopeia “Cassie” Rhola

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Cassie is a half-lynx pirate captain vtuber that was isekai'd to the current timeline. She works as an office lady by the day and plays games at night. She's also the self-appointed 猫 (neko) Fury of the indie VTuber group Vi-HǪLL. She likes playing a lot of sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria, as well as FPS games even though she is not as good at it.

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Cassiopeia "Cassie" Rhola is the half-lynx pirate captain of the Cashew Roller crew. She was isekai'd to this alternate universe after her and her crew was killed by her twin sister who turned to a sea-witch/kraken. She started working as an office lady after realizing that all the treasures she acquired from her pirate activities are considered useless in this world. She decided one day to start VTubing after seeing a VTuber stream, thinking that it might be a fun way to de-stress from work.

Forming of Vi-HǪLL

After she started working, she met Pirena Darago, a friend that she also met previously in her actual universe. She also frequent Hearts Gleam Café, where she met the barista Esca (Sir Ghost Arc) who had become one of her friends as she was a regular at his café.

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