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Spy ENVTuber Skytzsy. Don't cross a spy if you aren't prepared for what's coming! Schedule, lore and other details TBA. Usually evening UTC/GMT +8 hours Timezone.

[Sora Tiru Arc] ?Sora Tiru?Variety Idol VTuber by day, Undercover Spy by night! Join me as I uncover the anomalies in the world wide web while learning the ropes of becoming a VTUBER! Evening UTC/GMT +8 hours Timezone.

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The Idols:

Before becoming a full pledge spy, every student in the academy was tasked to undergo one mission.

Codenames Sora and Skye were tasked to go undercover and look for the anomalies happening in the world wide web, specifically in the streaming industry.

They thought of on how to blend in with the streamers and so, the alias “Sora'' and "Skye" was born.

An Android Angel tasked to assist these two undercover agents as they work their way in the idol world to further create connections through networking and song.

One's a troublemaking speaker, the other is a model. Both in the same line of work and do things either together or separately.

The Adventurer:

The Elven lore is still in development.

Codename: Gilith as the starlight. She's got more info to be mentioned as the agency is still recruiting her in.

"Mint smelling, stressed out, eye bagged having, nerd elf looking, worrisome being, potion chugging, multi tool having, what do you mean this is not what's on the recipe reading, TOMBOY?!, dark arts taboo wielding, fireball is your favorite adventurer? WOW" - said the idols

The agency's researcher , explorer and magician. also known as an archmage, mage, magus, magic-user, spellcaster, enchanter/enchantress, sorcerer/sorceress, warlock, witch, or wizard.

The Android Angel:

The android is an angel that manages everyone and everything that happens in The Agency. They were programmed for it.

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