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Joey Black is a independent Vtuber developed by darkwolf studio.

Lore Edit

Alias: Joey Black

Moniker of the Artisan: Dark Wolf

Artisan's Birthplace: The Enchanting Island of Puerto Rico

Cybernetic Provenance: Rooted in the Heart of Puerto Rico

Linguistic Proficiency: Fluent in Spanish, English.

Basic Understanding of Japanese, and German.

Means of Updates: Propagated via OTA (Over The Air) Transmission

Multifaceted Presence: Spanning YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Kick, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, Vtuber Amino, Threads, Odysee, Streamlabs, Buy Me a Coffee, Ko-Fi, and Tellonym, Vtubie, StreamElements, Kit.Co.

Inspiration Behind Conception: Crafted with the noble purpose of assisting its creator in navigating the intricacies of life, a guiding light through the shadows until their earthly journey's end.

Whereabouts of the Creator: Shrouded in Mystery, Perhaps Unearthly?

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