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(Currently rebranding)

Atian, or known as AtianPup is a so-called Dogboi Femboy (Akita Inu). He is a friendly English-speaking Streamer. He has identified as a Femboy.

Atian is a content creator Femboy Akita Inu VTuber, or Virtual YouTuber. As a VTuber, Atian produces and streams videos on social media platforms, typically in the form of video game playthroughs, live streams, and other types of online entertainment.

Atian is known for his unique character design, which incorporates elements of both male and female gender expression. As an Akita Inu, Atian is a fictional, animated character that is often depicted with a playful and energetic personality similar to a dog.

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Atian is a Femboy Akita Inu from Japan who has lost his memories and can no longer speak Japanese. Nor remember his Past. He is an Akita Inu Spirit who has the ability to transform between three forms: 1) Dogboy 2) Doggo and 3) Human form. Atian remains most of the time in his Dogboy form because this gives him a good option for being a Human and a Dog at the same time. Despite his magical powers, Atian cannot remember how to use all of them due to his lost memories.

Despite his energetic and playful personality, Atian struggles with ADHD and Dyslexia, which can make it difficult for him to focus and communicate. He also suffers from Social Anxiety, which prevents him from making friends easily. Despite these challenges, Atian remains determined to make a future for himself. And leave the past behind him.

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