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NyanLives is a Male VTuber who streams 5-7 times a week on Twitch.

He's been streaming for over a year, since January 14th 2022, and likes to cover a variety of different game genres, making a comfortable environment for people to enjoy the content he delivers.

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Nyan works as a private detective, going from Universe to Universe and finding cases that can satisfy his boredom. At least, that's what most people think. The truth: Nyan is going to die.....

...well he might. The truth is that he one of many Nyan's across the wide and expansive Multiverse. It wasn't so long ago that he believed, like the rest, that he couldn't ever truly die. But one day, upon finally figuring out how to hop between universes, he was confronted with the truth.... before him, was himself, or at least a version of himself. The issue being: they were dead.

He believed this just to be "another possibility in a world full of them" but, as he travelled, he started to notice it more and more. Finally, one day, he came across one who was deemed insane. This "Paranoid Nyan" recorded his life, in hopes of being proven right. Good for him, he was. Bad for him, he was.... Sadly, the device was too damaged to see what struck this one down, but it got the gears turning...

Now Nyan goes out to search for any clue that can help guide him to the one that seeks his death in hopes that he can avoid fate and possibly save more than just himself from this unknown and looming fate.

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