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Atah Sprinkletoes

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Atha Sprinkletoes is a Vstreamer that live streams mostly indie games (games that not many people want to play), story mode 1st person games, and the current record holder of the “most deaths in any game”. She will Voice Act randomly by changing her accent to be a different accent throughout the live stream. She recommends NOT wearing headphones while watching her streams because she screams....A LOT, and will make your ears bleed. Atah Sprinkletoes is the queen of the Toedom, and a chill person that genuinely loves everybody!

Following makes you apart of her Toedom, and you become one of her Toezeez!

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After using all her magic powers to free herself from the Enchantment Arena that Atharial (the Sun Goddess, and twin sister) had locked Athanasius Moon Goddess into, she transformed into her original self - a Moon Phoenix. She flew and twirled around in the air while laughing that she was finally free. But then, her form started to shift...her wings faded....and she fell. Falling faster and faster she finally landed. Only her essence remained, shattered into a million pieces. The Goober Clan found these essences and did everything in their ability to repair them. Sadly the essence never remembered her past life. The day she was formed and came out of the lake within the Toedom, was the day she was named Atha Sprinkletoes. As the days became years, Atah began to impress all the beings with her kindness, and loving character. Then one day the Ancients of the Toedom held a meeting where they needed a leader. They all chose Atah as their leader, and thus all the living beings within the Toedom called Atha Sprinkletoes queen of the Toedom, and those that followed her she began to call them her toezeez!

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