Athanasius – Moon Goddess

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12/05/2020, Re-debut TBA
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Athanasius (Atha) is an English speaking aspiring Vtuber that streams PS4 games. Watch her live stream on Dlive, Twitch or YouTube every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 PM MST. She calls all her followers/subscribers to her channel her moonlight butterflies. Are you ready to become her moonlight butterfly?

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Athanasius is a Moon goddess that wanted to learn how to be human. So she used her magic and became a human female when the blue moon arose from the setting sun. She has learned many things since becoming human, and continues to learn more. She has only a limited time to stay each changing. Her magic only allows transformation at night during the moonlight. She does not like being worshipped as a goddess, and this is why she changes into human form.

Athariel, her sister and sun goddess, doesn't like that Athanasius became human and so she locked Athanasius in some sort of containment. It is very difficult to break free from as it is has a magic force field surrounding it. Making escape quite difficult. This is why you won't be able to see Athanasius, in her true human form. She is using all her magic powers to be able to see you all, but sadly until her powers can break free of this force field, there is nothing she can do.

Her wish is that one day she will be able to meet you all! Until that day comes, may you all be at peace, and let the moonlight be your guide. 🦋

Athinia - mom (humans have called her "mother nature", helping things grow goddess)

Aethan - dad (weather god)

Athariel - twin sister, sun goddess

Athanasius - me, moon goddess

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