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Asha The Game Genie is a retro (sometimes modern) gaming VTuber that lives in an arcade cabinet. They tend to be a bit of a sailor mouth (But can turn it off when needed), and can sometimes feel overwhelmed when needing to leave their home... but they are happy and having fun doing the best that they can with what they have!

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? A Game Genie can make your gaming wishes come true by going inside your game console!

? Asha spends most of their time living inside their New Asha City arcade cabinet, playing games with their best friend Hedgie.

? Hedgie is a little hedgehog friend that always sticks by Asha no matter what!

? Asha has animal transformations that you will see from time to time!

? Asha likes colorful, cartoony, arcade-like, pick up and play games primarily!

? Some greedy companies have created mass produced robot versions of Asha (known as Metal Asha) for monetary gain. The Metal Asha are much weaker and do not have the same range of abilities.

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