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Angenite is a new english female vtuber from denmark, who made her debut on 14th december, 2020. She streams on twitch and try to make content for youtube. she is known for her loud weird variety of laughs, weird noises and getting scared over nothing while playing games. Her twitch streams are rated 18+ because of her inability to stop cursing.

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A Human who got possessed by a fox spirit, trying to help a child from a destiny of death. Born into a family where she felt invisible and bullied. Having to build her own self confidence up and feeling like she needed to become something that made her parents approve of her. She became a knight of the kingdom, and her parents started to look her way a bit more but, her destiny was about to hit her hard, she was about to die in battle. But a fox sprit had been watching her, ever sense she saved it’s life. It felt bad for her, as her life was flashing before her eyes the fox jumped into her and made her go back in time to make a choice for a new destiny.

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